Wild Rose Old Tyme
Fiddlers Association

Guidelines For Sponsorship
To Alberta Fiddle Camps

Please use the Word version or pdf version of this form to apply for sponsorship.

* Indicates new or updated information.

WROTFA believes in the value of old time music camps to enhance musical skills, build an old time music repertoire and to foster close ties with other like-minded musicians in a fun, inclusive atmosphere. We are happy to provide sponsorship funds according to the following guidelines:

Applicants will:

  • be an Alberta resident.
  • * be a current member of the Wild Rose Old Tyme Fiddlers Association, or your parent / guardian must be a current member, if you are under 18 years of age.
  • not have received subsidy from the Wild Rose Old Tyme Fiddlers to any other fiddle camp in the current year.
  • not be actively instructing beginners.
  • apply for sponsorship to old time fiddle camps held in the province of Alberta only.

Order of consideration:

  1. First priority will be given to applicants 18 years of age and under.
  2. Sponsorship of chaperones will be approved if the chaperone is enrolled in a music class, funds permitting.
  3. * Other applicants over 18 will be considered only if funds allow.
  4. * Applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis until the targets for our annual sponsorship budget have been reached.
    * There is no longer a limit on the number of years that a person will be sponsored. However, if you have been previously sponsored, you will be asked on the sponsorship application to state what activities you have done to give back in some way to our Association.


  • Please submit all applications to:

Sponsorship Director at
wrotfasponsorship@gmail.com or mail to:
Wild Rose Old Tyme Fiddlers Association
#1588, 5328 Calgary Trail NW
Edmonton AB T6H 4J8

  • * A fee of $15.00 per year is required for membership in the club. Annual membership runs from November 1 to October 31. It can be renewed along with your sponsorship application by including a cheque for $15.00 payable to the Wild Rose Old Tyme Fiddlers Association or renewing by online payment on our website under Memberships. If you are not yet a member, please include the membership application from website, if applying for the first time.
  • Cut-off dates for applications will be 14 days prior to camp dates.
  • WROTFA will confirm receipt of your application within a week of receiving it. Approval / Denial notifications will be given as soon as possible, but no later than a week prior to the camp start date.
  • WROTFA will send payment of approved funds directly to the appropriate camp coordinator.
The Application form is available in a Word version or a pdf version.