2021 Official Contest Rules

  1. This fiddle contest will be ‘Live’ on Zoom and live streamed on the 37th Annual Grand North American Old Time Fiddle Championship Facebook page July 17 & 18, 2021.
  2. The contest will start at 10 am (MDT) on Saturday July 17 & 11 am on Sunday July 18. We expect the contest will run 4 ½ - 5 hours each day.
  3. Contestants need to have Zoom installed on their smartphone, tablet or computer.
  4. Contestants will get full instructions, well in advance, how to join the Zoom meeting. The moderator will be conducting a trial Zoom meeting with all participants a day or 2 before the contest. We want to make sure all competitors know how to join in and how to adjust their audio settings to achieve the best sound possible on Zoom.
  5. The contest will be live streamed to the 37th Annual Grand North American Old Time Fiddle Championship Facebook page, for the world to watch.
  6. We will want the competitors for each class to sign into Zoom 15 minutes before their class starts and you will be there in the meeting while your class is on and your microphone will be muted. The emcee will then introduce you when you are called. You will be asked to unmute yourself and then you will play your tunes. A draw will take place for position of play and you will be notified of this.
  7. Prize money will be 100% of the registration fees, and all donations-in-kind collected, and we are pleased to announce that our local fiddle club, the Wild Rose Old Tyme Fiddlers Association, has generously contributed to the Prize Pool, the amount of $3000, so we know with that alone, there will be good prizes.We are hoping to get more donations to help build the prize pool.
  8. The registration form will be posted on the Facebook page on June 15.
  9. Registration will open up for Alberta residents on June 15 at 6 pm Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).
  10. Registration will then open up for everyone else on June 16 at 6 pm. You will not be able to register on the day of the contest. Registration will close on July 15 at 6 pm MDT or, when the classes fill up. We expect classes to fill fairly quickly so don’t hesitate to get registered.
  11. When you register, you will receive an email with contest rules and instructing you to pay your registration fee immediately via e-transfer or Paypal, as this will confirm your spot in this historic contest.
  12. Judges will be Patti Kusturok (MB), Mark Sullivan (BC), Calvin Vollrath (AB).
  13. Our Moderators for this year are Alex Kusturok & Rhea Labrie, who will be working behind the scenes on the technical stuff, making sure everything is running smoothly up to and during the contest.
  14. Classes for 2021 are: Junior, Youth, Senior, Intermediate, and Championship.
  15. The Junior, Youth, Senior, and Intermediate classes are required to play a waltz (3/4), jig (6/8) & reel (2/4) in that order.
  16. Contestants in the Championship class are required to play 2 tunes plus a tune of choice. The compulsory 2 tunes needed will be 2 of these 3 choices: a waltz (3/4), jig (6/8) & reel (2/4). The tune of choice needs to be in a recognised fiddling style and something different than your 2 compulsory styles.
  17. You will have 4 minutes to play your 3 tunes.
  18. When it is time for you to play, the emcee will announce you and you will be asked to unmute yourself. Once we know that you are unmuted and we can hear your audio, your 4 minute time limit will commence.
  19. The highest placing Alberta resident in each class will be awarded a $100 cash prize as the "Best Alberta Fiddler in their Class".
  20. Contestants can play alone or have any amount of backup musicians playing with them if they wish. Please respect the social distancing requirements if your backup doesn’t live with you. Or, if you have any backing tracks to play along with, this is fine as well. Playing just solo fiddle without any backup at all is completely fine. Just make sure that the sound of the fiddle is front and center and the backup is not overpowering the fiddle. Note: The Judges are judging the fiddle player only, not the backup.


There will be 5 classes to choose from: (enter in 1 class only)

  1. Junior               - 12 years and under (entry fee $10.00)   - 20 contestants maximum
  2. Youth                - 17 years and under (entry fee $15.00)   - 20 contestants maximum
  3. Senior               - 55 years and over (entry fee $15.00)     - 20 contestants maximum
  4. Intermediate    - any age (entry fee $20.00)                      - 20 contestants maximum
  5. Championship  - any age (entry fee $25.00)                      - 20 contestants maximum


Note: All funds are quoted in Canadian Dollars.

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