Fiddle Connections

Alberta Fiddle Groups

The Alberta Society of Fiddlers

A nonprofit organization whose members enjoy the music of the fiddle. Some of them are fiddlers, but all of them enjoy fiddle music and they are committed to passing on the traditions of fiddling to the generations to come.

The Society draws its membership from fiddlers and fiddle music fans from all parts of the Province of Alberta, and some points beyond.

Prairie Mountain Fiddlers

A Calgary based fiddle group committed to the enjoyment of old time fiddle music, with weekly jams, an active public performance schedule and a very extensive online musical library.

Edmonton Fiddlers

Based in south-central Edmonton, with three levels of fiddle groups, the Gateway Fiddlers, Festival City Fiddlers and the Edmonton Fiddlers. A wide diversity of students from intermediate to advanced, ages 8-21, and drawn from the greater Edmonton region, participate in lessons and performances.

Blueberry Bluegrass Festival

The Blueberry Bluegrass Festival is a fun family event with music concerts, family activities, dances, jamming, workshops and so much more all weekend!      The Blueberry Bluegrass Festival runs Friday to Sunday on the August long-weekend each Year.

Check them out at Blueberry Bluegrass Festival


Canadian Grand Masters

Because the Wild Rose Old Tyme Fiddlers Association believes in creating opportunities for as many fiddlers as possible, they are providing a $1500 Sponsorship Award to assist in the costs of transportation and accommodation at the subsequent year's Canadian Grand Masters (CGM).

Judges will select the names of the top 3 Alberta competitors in this year’s GNA competition. Their names will be forwarded to the CGM committee for consideration as candidates to be invited to the next CGM. Upon invitation, and their acceptance of that invitation, these 3 contestants are eligible to share in the $1500 Sponsorship Award.

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